Sunday, March 29

Good Writers must first be Good Readers.

For a while I have been writing down what I think of the books I read in an effort to improve my writing. I know that if I intend to write something when I finish reading, I'll read a lot more critically and be more aware of what I'm reading.

This I've done in a notebook that I always keep in my bag but I figured why not put it up somewhere. I mean, there are people out there who blog about the weirdest things, why not blog about the things I like, books.

From now on I'll be posting what I've written for each book here. Look forwards to be exposed to my oddly varied reading habits.


  1. I like these kinda things and will look forward to your varied readings ^_^

  2. Sure, that's a great idea. I usually post my "reviews" on Goodreads so I could have a record of what I have been reading.

    Thanks for visiting my blog :-)

  3. I read that Post and got it fine and informative. Please share more like that...